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My poetry

I emerged from the stain of blood
onto the stain of light
the dripping of dull pain was replaced
by light stains.
I was born walking on water
now I can fly.


Yes mother, my blue soul is full of hard corridors Pulling myself to see blue in black eyes. Pulling myself to see gold in the dark. Pulling my body to a place of color to touch the salt to remove the curse to preserve the blue heart.

Shortly About Me

My name is Ruth Dorrit Yacoby and I am an international artist, painter and poet, who lives in the south of Israel near the Dead Sea, at the edge of the Judean desert. I have held 64 solo exhibitions in major museums and galleries across five continents. In the year 2000 I presented a solo exhibition in the Vatican titled "Gate of Tears, Rain of Roses", held under the aegis auspices of Pope John Paul II and accompanied by an audience with him. was honoured to have a private audience with his holiness.

Your opportunity

My finest works are now for sale and can be purchased.
Many of my works are displayed in galleries around the world.
Every artwork of mine is unique and one of a kind.

My Contacts

Phone: +972 (0)50 375 0695
Fax: +972 (0)89 99 55 638
Skype: ruthdyacoby
Address: Hasadan 5 St
Arad, ISRAEL 89700