Women Empowerment

The Center for Art and Creation Presents - "The Woman of the Thousand Voices" and
Invites You on a Quest for an Open Heart and Women's Empowerment

Ruth Dorrit Yacoby, an internationally recognized artist and poet – open the Center for Art and Creation - The Woman of the Thousand Voices

Join us on a soul quest - an inner, meditative quest for enlightenment, birth, solace, joy, and compassion.
The center is a condensed, total installation - a mysterious cave, an archive of world history containing art objects imbued with shamanistic power. 
The center holds concerts of sacred music from the ancient Near East, as well as screenings of the highly moving film The Woman of the Thousand Voices – a film that gives voice to the children who are no longer among us, serving as their mouthpiece. The screening is following by a meeting with the artist.
The visit to the center amount to an inner journey of growth and empowerment, the journey of the mythical Great Mother from the realm of death to the realm of life, a journey that bridges the distance between different worlds and unites them into one.

This place may offer a turning point, an opportunity for transformation -  a road map for personal and collective remembering and recollecting of forgotten powers, and for awakening to a new self and a new, enlightened inner truth.


Your opportunity

My finest works are now for sale and can be purchased.
Many of my works are displayed in galleries around the world.
Every artwork of mine is unique and one of a kind.

My Contacts

Phone: +972 (0)50 375 0695
Fax: +972 (0)89 99 55 638
Skype: ruthdyacoby
Site: www.RuthDY.com
Address: Hasadan 5 St
Arad, ISRAEL 89700